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from Colours by kikai





Awakening by James Eagalwulf
3rd April 2010

Awakening are my eyes after soulless centuries,
The serenading song of a soulful muse sings softly,
Surfacing is my fluidity from Poseidon's dreary depths,
Reflecting not but two longing, triumphant blue oculars,

Return thy poignant taste, ravening and succulent,
A sensual embrace has replaced thy senseless touch,
Again thou entwine with the sacred and sacrificial,
Prosperous from the bewildering darkness, thou stand,

Draped in weeping gold, the symbolist king lets glory flood,
Through the black it weaves to become anew and attainable,
Share thy guiding wisdom and flourish thy legions,
Together the triumphant will unite the similarly divided,

Lustful is life like the alluring song of Sirens,
Bittersweet melancholy, satanic and defying,
Contrast the emotion to which I've gloriously awoken,
Protruding from a grave are the fingers I'm extending.

(c) James Eagalwulf 2010


from Colours, released August 6, 2010
lyrics/vocals by James Eagalwulf
music by Marius C Hammerich




kikai Bobenheim Roxheim, Germany

‚kikai kikagu’ is human-music. ‚Kikai’ does human-music; music by individuals for individuals: All artists decline payment of any kind so that the entire income deriving from album sales is donated to social projects: ‚Kikai’ and all musicians involved do not have to or want to prove anything to anyone - the sole incentive is to do good with the means available.

The means become the aim.
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