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progeny of darkness

from Colours by kikai





Progeny of Darkness by James Eagalwulf
Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I inhale deeply and hold my breath, hoping time’s progression pauses.
Curtains are closed to conceal the dark, a reminder of depression’s causes.
My drive to stride and strive - survive! - is curled in their hypnotic grasp.
Their heads rest in a problematic harness, until, to them, I appear so heartless.
False perceptions fed your fall - we fought for nothing and lost it all.
Yet I breathe, regrettably - the toxic air has bled the better of me.
Slow the rattling clock hands, as it applauds these walls that flock around.
I’m closing in! I need a second! I’m bleeding without chance to beckon.
Pray, but my shadows say this omega’s an evil - deceitful, are these?
One voice suggests to rest with Satan - fallen, like I, fighting for freedom.
I scream at mankind ‘til painfully hoarse, for man’s blind, disdainful to remorse.
Accept your evidently foolish faults - retain your blames and the slain the stalks.
Still I cry from time to time, but anger’s now so intertwined.
So suppressed, I hide its climb, until insanity’s sharp fangs grind.
Memories depict my paradoxical death - there’s no oxygen left!
Where kept is sorrow, a progeny of darkness, I live until they forget.

(c) James Eagalwulf 2009


from Colours, released August 6, 2010
lyrics/vocals by James Eagalwulf
music by Marius C Hammerich




kikai Bobenheim Roxheim, Germany

‚kikai kikagu’ is human-music. ‚Kikai’ does human-music; music by individuals for individuals: All artists decline payment of any kind so that the entire income deriving from album sales is donated to social projects: ‚Kikai’ and all musicians involved do not have to or want to prove anything to anyone - the sole incentive is to do good with the means available.

The means become the aim.
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